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Dago Designs provides all the digital marketing and design services you need under one roof.  This means less hassle and lower cost.  The Dago Designs team hits all the online marketing angles, uses trends, and cutting-edge strategies. We engage with your brand to maximize your online assets to drive brand visibility, website traffic, and online conversions.

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Internet advertising will be poised to overtake TV by 2018. (PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook)

The average tablet user spends 13.9 hours per week with the device. (Online Publishers Association)

20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw there. (IPSOS)

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing in the digital media world that focuses promotion of your product or brand on electronic devices such as computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Digital marketing includes search engine optimization, search engine marketing, search engine advertising, display advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, social media advertising and video marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

Besides the cliche, “Everyone’s doing it”?

The digital media world is a place that the consumer is not forced to be in, it’s a place that the consumer loves to be in. It’s friendly, it’s social, it’s to the point, it’s in real time and the consumer has the power.  The consumer can find anything he/she wants in a matter of just a few clicks.  From a new family car, to tips on tonight’s dinner, what Kanye and Kim are doing, new shoes, finding the closest repairman, to keeping up with the Jones’s, to keeping up with the stock market.

Digital media also has given the consumer a voice, which has taken “word of mouth” to a whole different extreme but It also has given companies and corporations a voice as well. Companies and corporations on digital media are looked at more as identities, which makes it easier to interact and connect with customers on a more personable level. This benefits the customer and the brand.

Today you have the opportunity to get your product or brand in front of millions in the digital marketplace in an instant with a click of a mouse. The best part is, you’re not shooting in the dark either. Based on customers actions, feedback, and events in the digital marketplace you can tailor, refine and target your campaign to the customers you want at the right time.

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